Truly portable, wireless solution

Dino-Lite quality hardware and software now wireless to iOS, Android, or PC

Wireless without sacrificing quality

Get premium imaging with Dino-Lite quality hardware and software features. This new module design provides a dual version scope capable of being wireless for safe and efficient use that can easily convert to USB.

Portable and powerful

Up to 220x magnification with premium features such as EDOF focus-stacking, EDR contrast-stacking, AMR magnification reading, FLC enhanced LED controls.


All-in-one microscope

Using the Dino-Lite Edge Series components and combining our most popular features makes this portable scope our hottest new tool


Wireless Means More

'Cut the cord' and use a digital microscope in clinics, machine shops, in the field, under the hood, or anywhere your work takes you


Multi-Platform Solution

Seamlessly transition use between iOS or Android devices or stream to multiple devices simultaneously with the available WF-20 wireless module. Computer connection available via USB or Wireless

Dino-Lite Connect

Discover what a Dino-Lite can do. Established in use by top researchers and industry professionals all over the world. Now these new modular Dino-Lite microscopes are wireless and ready for action

AF4915ZT + WF-20

The Dino-Lite is the most popular handheld digital microscope in the world. Our hardware and software sets these microscopes apart from the rest. Now we're bringing a powerful scope with a completely wireless solution.


Wireless ready

USB connection ready to swap to the wireless module


Modular design

Easily replace the USB module with the WF-20 for wireless connection


Quality optics

Variable magnification up to 220x.
Long working distance also available


Compact form

Maintains our revolutionary patented design with portable capability


Powerful features

All-in-one powerhouse with EDOF, EDR, AMR, FLC, Polarization and more


Edge Series

Made with quality components based on our best performing microscopes

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Microscope Features

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Available for

iOS and Android with the DinoConnect App. Wireless and USB to PC with DinoCapture




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