Selecting the right microscope can have a lot to do with how close or far the scope can be from your viewing subject.

Working Distance: The linear distance between the end of the microscope nozzle and the subject

Microscopes focus at a set corresponding magnification per specific working distance.

Why does Working Distance matter?

For some applications, a minimum distance is required, whether for product safety, machine or custom build, providing enough space for a user to work under the magnified view of the scope or other considerations.

To meet different working distance needs, there are “Longer Working Distance” Dino-Lite models and even the further working distance optics, the “Far” working distance series.


Dino-Lite Products by Working Distance:
Standard  |  Long   |  Far          

Field of ViewThe visible area of the subject is known as the Field of View



The trade-off

The further away the scope is from the subject, the lower the magnification will be, with a larger Field of View and more Depth of Field.  

Conversely, the closer the scope is to the subject, the higher the magnification will be with a smaller Field of View and less depth.

As an example, for a Standard working distance model to focus at 20x the WD will be 2.05”

In contrast, the Long working distance model will focus at 20x with a WD of 4.40”

Furthermore, the Far working distance model at 20x will focus at 10.35” WD

Which Working Distance is right for me?

Usually, users will know right away if their application requires additional Working Distance, however, to help simplify this, you can view the Field of View sample image gallery to get an idea of the typical FOV for the sample magnification.

FOV Gallery:

Once you know the magnification your application requires, you can compare the magnification and the Working Distance with our charts. Each product page has a Working Distance vs Magnification Chart which also displays the corresponding Field of View in both millimeters and inches. Alternatively, you can view a gallery of charts in the Working Distance Gallery.

WD Gallery:


Other considerations

When using a Long or Far working distance model additional accessories are recommended for the stability at longer ranges.

The MS35B and RK-06A stands offer an additional pole optional accessory to extend the height of the stand providing necessary distance for focus.


I still have more questions..

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