The invention of the microscope profoundly altered and advanced our understanding of the universe and our place in it. But its history is a bit murky. We know that the first microscope was invented in 1590, but who invented it is unclear. The first patent on record came from Hans Lippershey, but historians note that other evidence suggests the invention was by Hans and Zacharies Janssen. The father and son team of the Janssens made spectacles and lived close to Lippershey.

The Dino-Lite handheld digital microscope is a portable microscope comprised primarily of a microscope camera, the lens, and built-in lighting. This mini handheld microscope is designed to connect to a computer or display. When used in this way, the images seen via the microscope’s lens can be viewed on a computer monitor. The images can be saved to the computer’s hard drive for later access.

Digital microscopes are used widely in science and research work. The Dino-Lite and its array of accessories are used by myriad industries, such as medical, manufacturing, aerospace, defense, education, and jewelry. They can be found in art galleries for restoring artifacts, in the clothing industry for determining fiber quality, in the dentist’s office to get a closer look at patients’ teeth, in veterinarians’ offices for diagnosing and treating pets. Horticulturists use them to conduct research on insects and plant diseases, while law enforcement organizations use them for forensic analysis and spotting forged documents. Dermatologists employ them to identify and pinpoint skin issues and audiologists use them to get a better look at the inner ear.

Leaders in various professions point to the advantages of using a small digital microscope rather than a traditional microscope. The digital microscope allows for saving and printing images. It also allows presenters to display the image from the microscope on computer screens, so several team members can view the image concurrently. Teachers use these microscopes for a similar reason: the whole of the class can view the image together as it’s projected onto a screen.

Dino-Lite’s handheld microscope is easy to incorporate into a workspace as it is compatible with most widely-used software. It’s a small way to view a vast world.