New Model for Scalp Inspection

Dino-Lite offers a new handheld digital microscope with both white and UV light.

This model is great for health and spa applications that often inspect the human scalp.

Application Usage

This digital microscope can further help to provide a magnified image to help doctors with diagnosing patients and tracking overall treatment progress.

The UV lights will cause unhealthy follicles – that are producing too much oil – to naturally appear red. No dyes are necessary.

UV Digital Scalp Scope Microscope

This live imaging helps make diagnosis easy. The same live video feed can be used demonstrate the issue to assistants and patients.

This new model is also compatible with our new WF-20 wireless adapter, creating a truly wireless experience. Connect the wireless Dino-Lite to your phone or tablet using our free DinoCONNECT app (found in the App Store).

Trichoscope for Scalp Use Digital Microscope

AF4515T-FUW includes interchangeable caps for your convenience.
By using the caps, achieving a field of view larger than 1cm^2 at is easier than before (at a low magnification of 27x). Adjust the Dino-Lite’s variable magnification from 27x all the way up to 180x magnification.

Variable Magnification Digital Microscope and Free Software

Below are more demo images of new model AF4515T-FUW

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