Dino-Lite digital microscope cameras are an effective and increasingly popular imaging device for use in the inspection and photographing of coins, coin slabs, currency, stamps, and other collectibles.


AM3111 with MS33W

For hobby-grade, the AM3111 which offers 640×480 pixel resolution, 10x-220x magnification range, and free imaging software is recommended. A good stand for coin hobbyists to start out with is the MS33W.


AF4115ZT with MS35B & MSA2P

For one of the most popular models for coin applications, the Edge Series AF4115ZT offers 1280×1024 pixel resolution, 10x-220x magnification range, new state-of-the-art design lens and sensor for better image quality and color, built-in polarization for controlling glare, and interchangeable cap options. One of the most popular stands is the MS35B. The MSA2P extension pole for MS35B can be used for additional working distance if needed for coin slabs and other large objects.


AM4517MZT with RK-06A, RK-06-PL & MSAK826W

From our professional line, the Edge Plus AM4517MZT offers USB 2.0 connection and 1280×1024 pixel resolution with Edge Plus quality. A great professional table-top stand is the RK-06A. The RK-06-PL extension pole can be used with the RK-06A for additional working distance. The MSAK826W PhotoBox can also help eliminate ambient light.

More information:

Dino-Lite Coin Applications Pages: https://dinolite.us/coins

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Optional Scopes:

AM4111T (1.3MP resolution, no measurement): https://www.dinolite.us/am4111t
AM4113ZT (1.3MP resolution with measurement feature and polarization): https://www.dinolite.us/am4113zt
AF4115ZT (wireless Edge Series): https://www.dinolite.us/af4115zt
AM4517MZT (Edge Plus quality, 1.3MP resolution): https://dinolite.us/am4517mzt
AM73115MZT (USB 3.0, 5MP resolution): https://www.dinolite.us/am73115mzt

Optional Stands:

MS33W (flex-arm stand): https://www.dinolite.us/ms33w
RK-04 Stand: https://www.dinolite.us/rk-04
MS35B Stand: https://www.dinolite.us/ms35b
MSA2P (extension pole for MS35B): https://www.dinolite.us/msa2p
RK-06A Stand: https://www.dinolite.us/rk-06a
RK-06FA Stand: https://www.dinolite.us/rk-06fa
RK-06-PL (extension pole for RK-06A/RK-06FA): https://www.dinolite.us/rk-06-pl

Optional Light:

MSAK826W (photo light box): https://www.dinolite.us/msak826w
MSAK826 Photo Light Box Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OuFSn3XRNo