Dino-Lite microscopes are used in a variety of cannabis industry applications such as dispensaries, growing, laboratories, and more. Used for displaying product in style, searching for contaminates, spot-checking plants for trichome color, or examining crops up close for any microscopic pests. Dino-Lite microscopes provide solutions whether at a computer or out in the field with a tablet or smartphone.

Wireless WF4115ZT

Agriculture/Growers/Pest Control

Entry Level: AM3111 with MS09B
Popular: WF4115ZT with RK-06A
Professional: AM73915MZT with RK-10A

For greenhouses, the Wireless WF4115ZT is a popular portable option as it can connect to a phone or tablet wirelessly. Growers use the Dino-Lite to check for pests, look at trichomes to determine when is the best time to harvest, counting trichomes, monitoring plant growth, health, and progress, checking plants for contaminants, inspecting soil samples, seeds, bud, insect growth, and hatching, and detecting and identifying pests to find the correct beneficial insects to deal with them as predator insects are a natural response to pests.


Entry Level: AF4115ZT with RK-06A
Popular: AM73915MZT with RK-06A
Professional: AM73515MT8A with RK-10A

The Dino-Lite is an excellent tool for looking at microbes on plants, checking for mold to help meet regulation standards, saving crops, producing the best product possible, and performing oil extractions, tests, and other studies. High magnification models such as the AM73515MT8A can achieve a magnification range of 700x-900x and also offer coaxial (darkfield/brightfield) lighting.

Wireless-ready AF4115ZT with RK-10A stand


Entry Level: AM4111T with RK-06A
Popular: WF4915ZT with RK-06A
Professional: AM73915MZT with RK-10A

Dispensaries use Dino-Lite microscope cameras for displaying products to customers on the shop floor and ensuring quality. The AM73915MZT is a great choice for capturing marketing images because it offers higher resolution and EDOF (Enhanced Depth of Field) automatic image focus stacking which is important to accommodate for the varying depth and shape of cannabis flowers. Dispensary display designers use iPads with wireless units such as WF4915ZT or HDMI units such as AM5218MZT with big screen TV monitor displays.


More information:

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Dino-Lite Cannabis Applications Page: https://www.dinolite.us/cannabis

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Optional Scopes:

AM3111: $149 (lower resolution, no measurement, lower cost) – https://www.dinolite.us/am3111
WF3113T: $565 (lower resolution, wireless) – https://www.dinolite.us/wf3113t
AM4111T: $329 (1.3MP resolution, no measurement) – https://www.dinolite.us/am4111t
AF4115ZT: $629 (wireless-ready Edge Series) – https://www.dinolite.us/af4115zt
WF4115ZT: $895 (wireless Edge Series) – https://www.dinolite.us/wf4115zt
WF4915ZT: $1,165 (wireless Edge Series with AMR & EDOF) – https://dinolite.us/wf4915zt
AM4517MZT: $949 (Edge Plus for best image quality, 1.3MP resolution) – https://dinolite.us/am4517mzt
AM73515MT8A: $1,469 (high magnification from 700x-950x) – https://www.dinolite.us/am73515mt8a
AM73915MZT: $1,369 (USB 3.0 for up to 45 FPS, 5MP resolution, sharp images, rich color) – https://www.dinolite.us/am73915mzt
AM5218MZT: $949 (HDMI connection, HD 720p, no measurement) – https://www.dinolite.us/am5218mzt

Optional Stands:

MS09B: $34 (portable stand) – https://www.dinolite.us/ms09b
MS33W: $49 (flex-arm stand) – https://www.dinolite.us/ms33w
RK-06A: $189 (stand) – https://www.dinolite.us/rk-06a
RK-10A: $269 (stand) – https://www.dinolite.us/rk-10a

Optional Accessories:

MS15X-S2: $199 (XY positioning base) – https://www.dinolite.us/ms15x-s2
WF-20: $269 (wireless WiFi battery streamer for “AF” models) – https://www.dinolite.us/wf-20