Users with existing traditional microscopes can use DinoEye eyepiece cameras to observe and capture images of what is seen through the eyepiece. Dino-Lite handheld models can also view slides, either through handheld use or with a stand at high magnifications., Oobservation and image capture is easily performed with the included software which allows additional features such as measurement.

AM73515MT8A with RK-10A stand, MS15X-S2 XY Base, and BL-CDW backlight stage


Viewing blood cells with Dino-Lite handheld

Setup A (recommended): AM73515MT8A with RK-10A, MS15X-S2, and BL-CDW
Setup B: AM73515MT8A with RK-06FA, MS15X-S2, and BL-CDW
Setup C: AM73515MT8A with RK-04F

Dino-Lite handheld models are used in laboratory settings, combined with a stand, viewing laboratory subjects can be done easily with the ability to capture images and videos. For viewing blood cells, Setup A provides the most precise XYZ movements and best results when using a proper combination of coaxial lighting. Both the AM73515MT8A and BL-CDW backlight offer darkfield and brightfield options which allow users to easily identify bacteria, protozoans, and distinguish between red and white blood cells. The AM73515MT8A also offers 5MP high resolution and a magnification range of 700x-950x. Keep in mind that Dino-Lite microscopes use a glass lens and optical magnification similar to traditional microscopes. Using the full-screen 2X Digital Zoom feature found in the free imaging software at 950x mag with 5MP resolution, users can achieve 1900x magnification with 1.3MP resolution.  

2X Digital Zoom


Dino-Eye eyepiece cameras with a traditional microscope

1.3MP Resolution (entry-level): AM4025X
5MP Resolution (professional): AM7025X

Dino-Eye eyepiece cameras allow users to display what they can see with their traditional microscopes but displayed on a screen. If more than 950x magnification is required, the Dino-Eye eyepiece cameras offer the ability to use a traditional microscope’s objective lens power for applications where higher magnification is necessary. Simply remove the traditional microscope’s ocular eyepiece and insert the Dino-Eye eyepiece camera in its place. Using either Dino-Eye or Dino-Lite handheld models allows users to view and examine slides and the included software allows users to annotate or organize the images into saving folders directly from the software itself. The software offers white balance controls to adjust white color accurately on the image, brightness, contrast, saturation, and much more to help get the best results. 

For additional info regarding traditional vs digital microscope magnification see this article:

Users can also save images and edit them to their liking in third-party applications such as Photoshop. The images captured with the Dino-Eye eyepiece camera in the slideshow below were all improved by using the camera adjustment features in the DinoCapture software. For additional help, please reference the following link below.

Color adjustment for Dino-Eye eyepiece camera:

AM7025X Dino-Eye eyepiece camera with a traditional microscope

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Optional Scopes & Cameras:

AM73515MT8A: $1,469 (high magnification from 700x-950x) –
AM7025X: $649 (5MP resolution) –
AM4025X: $429 (1.3MP resolution) –

Optional Stands:

RK-04F: $129 (stand) –
RK-06FA: $229 (stand) –
RK-10A: $269 (stand) –

Optional Accessories:

MS15X-S2: $199 (XY positioning base) –
BL-CDW: $369 (backlight stage) –