This post is to provide you with the general overview of Dino-Lite digital microscopes and our product line.

What makes Dino-Lite microscopes different from traditional microscopes?

When you think of microscopes, the traditional microscope is usually what comes to mind. There are various options available, including Dino-Lite microscopes, and the two differ in many ways.

Traditional MicroscopesDino-Lite Digital Microscope
Large, Difficult to storeLight and Compact
Hard to learn and train others to useEasy to use
Require different lenses for different magnification levelsVariable magnification provided – no lens changes.
No built-in cameraBuilt-in camera to take pictures/video
Can be expensiveMany models within budget

More information about traditional vs digital microscope magnification can be found here.

Digital Microscope Software

All Dino-Lite microscopes also include free software.
Dino-Lite digital microscope software allow you to take photos, videos, measurements and much more.
This software is updated frequently and you can always download the latest version for free on our website. You can also install the software on as many computers as you like with no additional charge.  

Service & Support

Our office is in Torrance, California.

In addition to these benefits, all Dino-Lite products include free technical support for life and are backed by a two-year warranty.

Hardware & Software Features

Depending on your needs, many Dino-Lite microscopes include special features that you will not find on any other microscope in our class.

AMR – Automatic Magnification Reading

This includes features such as AMR (automatic magnification reading). This feature lets the software know what magnification you are working at. It will display this value on the screen, which makes it easier to work at a specific magnification. Since the software knows what magnification you are working at, you can perform measurements without needing to calibrate the microscope first. Of course, you can always calibrate the microscope further to achieve more accurate measurements.

EDOF – Extended Depth of Field 

EDOF (extended depth of field) models can perform one-click focus stacking. This allows you to easily deal with depth of field issues. This feature works by automatically capturing images from different focal planes and stitching them together once the different images are captured. You will have a composite image in about 10 seconds with everything in focus. This process can capture images from either the top down or bottom up.

FLC – Flexible Light Control

FLC (flexible LED control) allows you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs on the Dino-Lite. You can additionally turn individual quadrants on or off to create angled lighting. This is helpful for revealing scratches and details on certain surfaces.

Mobile Microscope Solutions

If portability is important, you will be happy to know that we offer several mobile solutions.  Most of our microscopes can connect to compatible Android devices using a simple OTG cable. You can connect to iOS or Android devices using one of our wireless adapters.
All necessary apps are available free of charge in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Special Lighting Available

We also have various models available with different types of special lighting. Special lighting options available include: coaxial lighting, Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and fluorescence

Both stock and custom configurations are available.

Which Dino-Lite digital microscope model do I pick?

At this point you may be thinking, “With so many options, how do I choose which microscope is right for me?” 

You can always contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you in choosing a model, but here are some general things to consider when deciding which model is best for your application. 

What magnification do you require?

Is 10x-200x enough magnification, or do you require more? Do you have a certain field of view that you are hoping to achieve? In other words, how much of the viewing area does your subject occupy when working at your required magnification?

Rulers and example images at different levels of magnification and fields of view:

Do you need any special hardware or software features?

Do you require any of the special features that we just discussed? 

Examples of special features:  EDOF, AMR, or special lighting

Do you need space under the microscope? 

Do you need to have room underneath the microscope to work with tools? Do you have any other working distance requirements?

Our microscopes come in three main working distance categories: standard, long, and far. The difference between them is how much magnification you can achieve at a certain distance.

Different styles of working distances have different fields of view and distance at 50x.

Standard working distance models have a magnification range of 1x-230x (depending on the model). At 50x magnification, you will have a working distance of approximately half an inch. 

Long working distance models have a magnification range of 1x-140x times (depending on the model). At 50x magnification you will have a working distance of approximately 2 inches.

Far working distance models have magnification range of 1x-70x (depending on the model). At 50x magnification you will have a working distance of approximately 5 inches.

As you move to the longer working distance models, you sacrifice magnification range, but are able to achieve a higher magnification at a further distance.

Select models in these categories can focus to infinity, meaning you can put them as far away from your subject as necessary in order to have enough room to use tools or move the subject around.

Do you need very high magnification?

If you require higher magnification, we have microscopes with a magnification range of 415x-470x. Our highest magnification models have a magnification range of 700x-950x.

If you require higher magnification than what we are able to achieve with our standalone units, or if you would simply like to upgrade the capabilities of your existing traditional microscope, we have a line of eyepiece cameras.

These eyepiece cameras work with about 90% of traditional microscopes on the market. You can mount them into either the eyepiece on your microscope or use them in the trinocular port (if your microscope has one). These cameras work with our same digital microscope software to allow you to take photos, videos, and measurements.

Do you need accessories for a better experience?

We have well over a hundred accessories available for Dino-Lite microscopes. These range from a variety of desktop stands, motorized inspection stages, backlights, and many more.

Need help?

If you have any questions, or need help picking out a solution that will work best for your application, please contact us. You can email us at [email protected] or call 888-668-2442 ext.110.