This is a Dino-Lite digital microscope application blog post focusing on textiles. All the sample images shown were captured by Dino-Lite microscopes, and in this post,  we’ll talk about the best ways to capture images like these. 

The Dino-Lite is a handheld microscope camera with most standard models going up to 220x magnification.

Standard Dino-Lite working distance allows for 50x and 220x magnification when the end of the Dino-Lite nozzle is in contact with the object being viewed. This is an example of the standard working distance and corresponding magnification examples. 

These models are connected to a computer via USB and include an easy-to-use software that allows users to capture images and video as well as many other basic and advanced features.


The Dino-Lite can be easily used in a handheld capacity for viewing and inspection, but using a stand is recommended for the best stability and imaging results. Some models have a built-on adjustable polarizer that helped provide more clarity and different results in imaging.

EDOF models provide simple one-click focus stacking, capturing multiple images at different depths and stacking them into one clear image. These images can then be viewed or saved separately or as a clear single EDOF image. The included software has measurement for compatible measurement models, as well as drawing and annotation tools.

Some adjustable camera options include white balance, brightness, contrast, hue as well as negative and monochrome modes and more. Measurement tools also include options for grid lines, crosshairs and color average. Here are some compatible and recommended accessories:


The RK-10A is a tabletop stand with a quick release button and fine adjustment and is shown here with the XY base.

The stand is compatible with more accessories including the MSAK813 adjustable light. The different portable handheld stands are also great for quick and moving textile inspection. 

There are also options for mobile viewing including a Wi-Fi adapter and a direct connect option to compatible Android devices. Convert an existing traditional microscope to digital by replacing the eyepiece with a Dino Eye eyepiece camera.

Why Dino-Lite?

Dino-Lite digital microscopes are easy to use, include feature-rich software, high-quality imaging all in a compact portable design combined with various budget-friendly models and a large selection of accessories.

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