Dino-Lite EdgePLUS raises performance and quality to new heights in terms of color fidelity, frame rate, and low-light performance.
Combining the latest in EdgePLUS technology with FLC and AMR features make the AM4517MZT and AM4517MZTL the right choice through a wide range of applications.


EdgePLUS provides an improvement compared to the Edge series. EdgePLUS offers an improved, frame rate, high sensitivity, depth information, and a detachable cable.

Package Contents

When purchasing an AM4517MZT or AM4517MZTL, you will receive: 

  • Microscope 
    • The removable USB and microscope come together.
  • Software CD 
  • Edge Calibration Target 
    • Used to calibrate a Dino-Lite Edge Series microscope for measurement. Can be done manually or automatically.
  • Alternate end caps 
    • Each end cap helps with lighting or providing the proper distance when using it as a handheld.

Working Distances

The Working Distance (WD) is the distance between the end of the Dino-Lite handheld microscope camera and the object being viewed. The AM4517 series comes with two styles of working distances: 

Standard Working Distance

Standard working distance model AM4517MZT offers 20x – 220x magnification.

At the lowest magnification of 20x, you will be able to visualize 19.5 x 14.7mm from 59.5mm away. Visit our chart for more information.

Long Working Distance

The Long Working Distance (LWD) feature is a lens system designed to provide magnification at a longer distance compared to the standard working distance. Long working distance model AM4517MZTL offers 10x – 140x magnification.
At 20x, you will also be able to visualize 19.5 x 14.7mm, but from 115mm away. Visit our chart for more information.


AMR displays the current magnification on screen with the included software for Windows or Mac OS. 

EDOF Focus Stacking

The AM4517 series does not have EDOF

Refer to the AM4917 series instead. It has all the features listed here as well as EDOF (for Windows only).

AM4917MZT – Dino-Lite Edge+ 1.3MP – $1199.00

AM4917MZTL – Dino-Lite Edge+ 1.3MP Long Working Distance Version – $1249.00


MicroTouch is a touch sensitive area which can be used to capture images instead of using a keyboard and mouse. This sensor can also be set for autofocus, to start/stop recording video, read a barcode, or switch LEDs. The software also allows users to disable the MicroTouch, or set to single or double touch to trigger.

Scroll Lock 

Scroll Lock is useful for users who wish to remain at a constant magnification. The scroll lock can be disengaged by changing the lock to the unlocked position easily, however, it is secure enough to not disengage on its own.

Flexible Light Control (FLC)

FLC Flexible Lighting Control provides lighting adjustment options including intensity settings from 1-6, as well as the ability to turn on or off LED’s by quadrant. 


Polarization can be switched on/off or can be adjusted to offer full or half polarization for controlling glare.

Optical Lens

Unlike off-brand models, Dino-Lite uses a high-quality glass lens to provide superior optics. With a glass lens, there is less distortion compared to plastic lenses. 

Interchangeable Caps

Each end cap helps with lighting or providing the proper distance when using it as a handheld.


A brief overview of the many features in our included software. 

For more help and information, you can check out our user guide.


Measurements can be performed in different units (inch/mil/mm/um) and types including straight lines, circles, angles, arches grids and more. 

Annotation & Toolbar

Make notes, draw, and highlight your images with the provided tools.

You can write annotations on the bottom of the preview window. Click on the gray bar on the bottom of the preview window and the annotation box will expand. Write text within this box and press ENTER to start a new row. When done, left click anywhere in the preview window to save the annotation and exit the annotation box.

The Search Box is to help find images in the image list with desired text that were written in the Annotation Block at the bottom of the preview windows.

Auto Calibration

Auto Calibration provides an easier way to calibrate for measurement. The DinoCapture 2.0 software identifies special QR codes on the CS-40 / CS-41 slide and performs the calibration automatically.

Optional stands

Here is a visual gallery of stands we have to offer: Accessories: Stands & Parts

We recommend the paired use of a stand for better image stability and overall experience.

More questions?

We are here to help you with any additional questions you may have. Contact us through live chat, email us at [email protected], or call 888-668-2442.