This is a Dino-Lite Digital Microscope application video focusing on coins. All the images shown were captured by Dino-Lite Microscopes, and in this blog we’ll talk about ways to capture images like these. 

Dino-Lite models are connected to a computer via USB and include an easy-to-use software that allows users to capture images and video as well as many other basic and advanced features. 


The Dino-Lite is a handheld microscope camera with most standard models going up to 220x magnification. For lower magnification, move away from the object and lower the magnification on the dial. For higher magnification, adjust the dial and move closer to the objects. Naturally, lower magnifications will have a larger field of view, and higher magnifications will be closer with less field of view. Dino-Lite models with built-in polarizers are very effective for the best imaging results by reducing glare on reflective surfaces.

Extended depth of field or EDOF is a feature on compatible models which provides simple one-click focus-stacking.  Measurement and drawing features provide a simple solution for measurement and cataloguing to help annotate and organize coins. Adding an annotation can make images easily searchable drawing tools help to highlight points of interest users can then save these images with or without the annotations or drawings. White balance can also be set automatically or manually for best color results. You can also adjust other  camera options, such as brightness, contrast, hue and more. 


Depending on your needs and desired results,  there are many options for accessories to optimize the Dino-Lite imaging results, including the MS15X-X2 XY base for precise movement.

EDOF series models have various interchangeable caps including the N3C-R ring light attachment which uses the Dino-Lite built-on LED to shine light brightly and evenly. 

The MSAK826W photo lightbox provides a controlled lighting environment for premium imaging results. 

The Dino-Lite WF-10 Wi-Fi streamer connects to a Dino-Lite then wirelessly streams the live video to iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices including computers. 

Eyepiece Cameras

DinoEye eyepiece camera slides directly into an eyepiece slot of a microscope to quickly turn a regular microscope into digital. The Dino-Lite microscope cameras are easy to use handheld over the stand include a powerful and feature-rich software high quality imaging and with its size and portability is a powerful yet convenient and budget-friendly tool for users of all applications. 


The Dino-Lite can easily be used in a handheld capacity for viewing and inspection, but for the best stability and imaging results, using a stand can help greatly. Here is a visual gallery of stands we have to offer: Accessories: Stands & Parts

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