Introducing the AM7025X Dino-Eye eyepiece camera. This is the first camera to take advantage of the high-quality Edge optics and sensor. 

Edge Series

As opposed to the previous generation of Dino-Lite eyepiece cameras, Edge series models provide various improvements. 

Such improvements include a wider field of view, better color accuracy, and overall image quality improvements. 

For eyepiece cameras in particular, the FOV might be different compared to a traditional microscope. (PDF with further information.)

Here is a link to a comparison chart for all Dino-Eye cameras.

Package Contents

When purchasing an AM7025X you will receive: 

  • Eyepiece Camera
    • The removable USB and eyepiece camera come together.
  • Software CD 
  • Edge Calibration Target 
    • Used to calibrate a Dino-Lite Edge Series microscope for measurement. Can be done manually or automatically.
  • Adapters
    • AM7025X has a 23mm eyepiece adapter, but also includes 30mm and 30.5mm adapters for versatile filming.


The AM7025X can be adapted to fit many C-Mount industrial lenses. 

With its enhanced field of view, versatility, and included software, it is an excellent choice for capturing and analyzing images from a wide variety of professional equipment. 

Optical Lens

Unlike off-brand models, Dino-Lite uses a high-quality glass lens to provide superior optics. With a glass lens, there is less distortion compared to plastic lenses. 


A brief overview of the many features in our included software. 

For more help and information, you can check out our user guide.


Measurements can be performed in different units (inch/mil/mm/um) and types including straight lines, circles, angles, arches grids and more. 

Here is a link to more information about measuring with Dino-Eye eyepiece camera.

Annotation & Toolbar

Make notes, draw, and highlight your images with the provided tools.

You can write annotations on the bottom of the preview window. Click on the gray bar on the bottom of the preview window and the annotation box will expand. Write text within this box and press ENTER to start a new row. When done, left click anywhere in the preview window to save the annotation and exit the annotation box.

The Search Box is to help find images in the image list with desired text that were written in the Annotation Block at the bottom of the preview windows.

Color Adjustments for Dino-Eye

White Balance is a color correction function to adjust white color accurately on the image. When the white balance is corrected properly, colors on the image would look natural on human eyes, even under variety of light source with different color temperature. Here is a link with further information and step-by-step guide.

Digital Zoom

Using the software, you can digitally zoom your FOV up to 2x.

Before zooming in, place your cursor in the section of the image you wish to see. Use the mouse wheel (or set hotkeys) to digitally zoom in and out as needed.

Auto Calibration

Auto Calibration provides an easier way to calibrate for measurement. The DinoCapture 2.0 software identifies special QR codes on the CS-40 / CS-41 slide and performs the calibration automatically.

More questions?

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