Dino-Lite Enables You to Do More

Dino-Lite has been a trusted imaging solution for professional inspection for over a decade by improving and innovating inspection processes for companies and users worldwide. Several institutions have gone beyond Dino-Lite’s official accessories and software and integrated Dino-Lite digital microscopes into their own systems. 

Dino-Lite offers a software development kit (SDK) which allows companies to easily add control of Dino-Lite digital microscopes to their own software. We can also provide technical drawings for hardware integration. This may be an excellent way to make your internal inspection process more efficient and/or affordable, or develop a new customer facing product that uses Dino-Lite as the digital image source.

Examples of products:
Monitoring system for controlled spray of mass spectrometer

Motorized X/Y/Z + tilt PCB inspection station with custom adjustable RGB LED ring light

Affordable, small footprint ballistics inspection blackout box with specimen position and rotation control and comparison software

High intensity modular special light source with emission filters for UV and fluorescent inspection

Hobbyist feasibility demonstration for emerging automated image analysis algorithms and platforms

What you’ll need: