Portable dermatology microscopes are suitable for rapid, detailed images of the skin, that can be stored, edited or analyzed. This allows professionals to work more efficiently and makes DermaScopes ideal for quick scans, screening or pre-screening of potential patients. 


Providing a quick solution for simplistic use and digital storage and sharing of images makes Dino-Lite dermatoscopes and ScalpScopes commonly used tools for teledermatology, a rapidly growing form of service. Dino-Lite dermatoscopes with polarizers provide an additional advantage by reducing the glare on the skin as well as enabling effective viewing through layers of skin and lesions as effectively support viewing with the use of water or oils although it is not always necessary. These USB scopes can be connected directly to computers, streamed wirelessly, or even directly to Android phones or tablets providing great use cases for clinical facilities and traveling professionals.

Dermatoscopes and ScalpScopes are not only for general practitioners and dermatologists, these versatile scopes are also used by skin therapists and aesthetic professionals.

Compact, portable, and easy-to-use, Dino-Lite USB dermatoscopes can be seen at the American Academy of Dermatology Association annual meeting in San Diego, CA on February 16th – 20th. Visit our product specialists at booth #4456!

h/t: Dino-Lite Europe