If your Dino-Lite has EDOF focus-stacking abilities, then your model will also have autofocus!

This allows your USB Dino-Lite digital microscope to automatically focus and refocus – as long as your subject is within focal range.

There are three focus modes available:

“Center Spot” focuses towards the center of your image. When the software generates the grid, the focus will be on the very center.

“Even Weighted” tries to focus on the best area based on your entire field of view.

“Center Weighted” tries to focus and emphasize at the center of your object and field of view.

To make the autofocus more convenient, you can easily set up a shortcut to autofocus. Some available options can include triggering autofocus by using your Microtouch sensor, utilizing a foot pedal, or customizing a shortcut key on your keyboard.