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When selecting a microscope camera for your imaging or inspection solution, the available features can make the difference in whether or not you are making the most of your time and money. There are over 80 different Dino-Lite models with varying features including but not limited to; low to high magnification, extended and far working distance, fluourescence and other special lighting features, free software with advanced features, Software Development Kit, mobile (iOS + Android) options, polarization and much more. Feature pages include a related image gallery, take a look and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Software
    A brief overview of the many features in our included software Learn More
  2. Hardware
    A brief overview of the extensive hardware features with Dino-Lite microscope cameras Learn More
  3. Edge Series
    Dino-Lite Edge series introduces new features including a high quality optical resolution, adaptable cap design, extended depth of field (EDOF), extended dynamic range (EDR), field of view enhancement, and other quality features. Learn More
  4. EDOF - Extended Depth of Field
    A select few of our digital microscopes can create composite focus stacked images for an extended depth of field! Find your EDOF Dino-Lite today. Learn More
  5. Medical Microscopes
    With a variety of Dino-Lite models to choose from, many offer the ability to help provide improvements to medical tools and inspections. Whether for surgery, laboratory, examination or other uses, there are Dino-Lite models which may fit the needs of medical professionals. Learn More
  6. AMR - Automatic Magnification Reading
    AMR displays the current magnification in the live view window. AMR is only available on specific Edge Series AMR models. Learn More
  7. General Software
    Some of the general software features for the Dino-Lite microscope cameras Learn More
  8. Special Features
    Special software features for Dino-Lite microscope cameras Learn More
  9. Software Support
    Full support for software users is available in many ways Learn More
  10. FLC - Flexible LED Control
    FLC provides lighting adjustments including intensity and quadrant toggles Learn More
  11. Coaxial / Axial Lighting
    Coaxial lighting helps reveal more details than a standard light source Learn More
  12. Custom Solutions
    Dino-Lite and Dunwell Tech offers custom solutions for those who can use Dino-Lite but need a customized set up of some sort, whether a special wavelength, special accessory, or another type of customization. Learn More
  13. Magnification
    Magnification ranges from 10x - 200x with models up to 900x. Simple to use and powerful in result, Dino-Lite microscope cameras provide great capabilities while remaining economical. Learn More
  14. Field of View
    The field of view (FOV) is the viewable area on screen through Dino-Lite microscope cameras. Field of View charts are displayed here for examples of what type of FOV you would achieve with Dino-Lite microscope cameras. Learn More
  15. Working Distance
    The Working Distance (WD) is the distance between the end of the Dino-Lite handheld microscope camera and object being viewed. Learn More
  16. Components
    A look at some of the components of the Dino-Lite hardware Learn More
  17. Polarization
    Using a Dino-Lite microscope camera with a polarizer effectively changes the result of imaging drastically. The effect is very obvious to the naked eye and attractive in the image result. Using polarized light can also help to display how some surfaces such as skin or thin section slides in mineralogy react differently under polarization. Learn More
  18. Special Lighting
    Dino-Lite handheld microscope cameras can come in a variety of specialized LED lighting. Learn More
  19. Measurement Features
    Most Dino-Lite USB models include the measurement feature with included software. Measurements can be performed in many different types including lines, circles, angles, arches and more. Notating images for labeling and changing properties are done with ease. Measurement is also easily calibrated to help ensure accuracy. Learn More
  20. High Magnification
    High magnification models of Dino-Lite handheld microscopes offer magnification up to 900x. Learn More
  21. Variable Magnification
    10x to 200x on most models, other ranges include: 5x - 40x, 10x - 90x, 430x - 470x, 500x, 700x - 950x Learn More
  22. Depth of Field
    Depth of Field (DOF) is the area in view between the nearest and farthest points that appear sharpest when viewing an object. Here are some sample images of depth of field Dino-Lite handheld microscope cameras. Learn More
  23. 2 Year Warranty
    All Dino-Lite Microscopes covered by a two year warranty. Learn More
  24. License Free Software
    No license restriction, install on unlimited number of computers. Learn More
  25. Free & Automatic Updates
    All updates free, available for download or automatic update. Learn More
  26. Eyepiece Cameras
    Dino-Eye eyepiece cameras connect to your existing microscope allowing you to capture images and video and use our feature rich software to increase efficiency converting your microscope to digital. Learn More
  27. Ultraviolet & Infrared
    Dino-Lite fluorescent series includes several different options including different wavelengths, switchable to white LED, extended working distance, and switchable from UV to near infrared LED's. Learn More
  28. Infrared (IR)
    Dino-Lite offers the quality magnification imaging and software features with near infrared lighting. Learn More
  29. Housing
    The housing of the Dino-Lite handheld microscopes comes in a very rigid ABS plastic or Aluminum Alloy metal body. Learn More
  30. Output & Connectivity
    Dino-Lite microscope cameras are available in different types of output to fit different needs for different applications. Connection types include USB 2.0, Wifi, Analog (RCA/Compnent), VGA, and High Definition Interface Learn More
  31. Accessories: Stands & Parts
    Dozens of available accessories with hundreds of possible combinations and continuously growing line of innovative and efficient tools. Learn More
  32. Interchangeable Caps
    Available for AD series models, sealed-front and angled caps add flexibility. Learn More
  33. Edge Detection
    Automatically detect edges based on contrast for quick and accurate validation. Learn More
  34. Diffuser
    Diffusers are used for softening and spreading the light evenly over the target area. They can be applied to most Dino-Lite handheld microscope cameras. Learn More
  35. Color Adjustment
    Settings windows allows adjustment of brightness, contrast, and other color settings. Learn More
  36. Exposure Adjustment
    Enable/disable auto exposure and adjust exposure settings. Learn More
  37. Measuring
    Add lines, shapes, text, and measurements directly over the image. Learn More
  38. Detailed User Guide
    Built into software, explains all features in detail. Learn More
  39. Superimpose
    Import and export any annotations, measurements, or custom frames for quick and convenient reuse. Overlay custom frames, crosshair, gridlines, or circle grid, with pitch measurements. Learn More
  40. Capture & Record
    The included DinoCapture software for Dino-Lite and Dino-Eye microscope cameras offer the ability to easily capture and save images, videos, and time lapse videos. Learn More
  41. Drag & Drop
    Easily drag images captured by DinoCapture to other programs or folders on the computer. Learn More
  42. Multiple Cameras
    Connect more than one Dino-Lite microscope to a computer at the same time and view live images side by side. Learn More
  43. Full Screen
    Observe and control in full screen mode. Learn More
  44. Save Formats
    Save captured images as JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, or a number of other formats. Learn More
  45. Timestamp
    Embed date & time on captured images. Learn More
  46. 2x Digital Zoom
    5MP models use extra resolution for clear 2x digital zoom in 1280x1024 mode. Learn More
  47. Select Units
    Switch measurement units between metric (mm, um) and U.S. (inch, mil). Learn More
  48. Magnifier
    Picture-in-picture digital zoom magnifier for precise manual measurement Learn More
  49. Language Settings
    Software interface available in 28 languages including: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese. Learn More
  50. Email
    Quick email button opens default email program with select image as an attachment. Learn More
  51. Print
    Print captured images directly from included software. Learn More
  52. Tech Support
    We have a friendly and very knowledgeable technical support team on staff Monday - Friday. Learn More
  53. Barcode Reader
    Capable of retrieving embedded codes from standard barcodes as well as QR and datamatrix. Learn More
  54. Geotagging
    Attach a USB GPS beacon to embed location data in every image captured. Learn More
  55. IP Camera
    View the live microscope image on one computer from another over a local network or the Internet. Learn More
  56. Feature Comparison
    Key features of Dino-Lite microscope cameras. Learn More
  57. Mobile
    Using a Dino-Lite in the field or on the go can make a world of difference in productivity. There are Dino-Lite mobile solutions for different needs. Learn More
  58. Edge Plus Series
    The Dino-Lite 1.3MP EdgePLUS series delivers fluent and sharp images yet with remarkable color reproducibility, making it an ideal solution for revealing more details on challenging targets. Learn More
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