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Dino-Lite USB microscope cameras include DinoXcope, the easy to use software for Mac.

DinoXcope was made for users of all levels, including features such as image viewing and capture, and measurement with calibration

*Some features available only with compatible microscopes

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Live Viewing

View live images conveniently on a Mac computer screen

Capture Images & Video

Control the image capture function of the Dino-Lite with DinoXcope

Measurement & Calibration

Calibrate and measure dimensions including lines, circles, angles & more

Free Updates & Support

All software updates and U.S. based technical support are free

Primary Features

  • Display live view in normal sized, large or full screen windows
  • Capture photos or videos of a subject and organize files into user specified folders
  • Imprint labels and comments on to the images
  • Control microscope LEDs, exposure, and color levels
  • View monochrome and negative color output
  • Export images in your choice of JPG or PNG

Advanced Features

  • Measure lines, circles, arcs, and angles with great accuracy
  • Enable a scaling grid overlay
  • Access scaling overlays of grids, concentric circles, cross hairs and more
  • Select between live view resolutions based on microscope model
  • Create transparencies for detailed comparisons

DinoXcope is compatible with Mac OS 10.5 or later

  • Note: Following Mac OS 10.11 and newer, Apple has discontinued support for older drivers including older Dino-Lite models (211, 311, 411)
    For more information please see this related article: Mac OS 10.11 Compatibility

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