Dino-Lite USB microscope cameras have many features developed to meet the needs of users in a wide-range of industries and applications.

*Features may vary by model

Housing   Magnification Dial   LED Lighting   Connection Types   Polarizer   Scroll Lock   Microtouch   Wireless   Interchangeable Caps

Housing Types

Dino-Lite microscopes are available in 2 main housing types: ABS plastic and Aluminium Alloy. There are some models in medical grade Polycarbonate Resin (CALIBRE 2061-15) white finish.
Magnification Dial

Control the magnification power by adjusting the Magnification Dial. The magification rate will vary depending on the model with standard available from 10x - 220x and higher magnifications available up to 700x - 950x

LED Lighting

Standard Dino-Lite models include 8 white LED's. Other options are available for fluourescence including different colors and wavelengths of ultra-violet, infrared, and other fluorescence.

Connection Types

  • USB 3.0
  • USB 2.0
  • Wireless / USB 2.0
  • HDMI / DVI
  • VGA / DSUB
  • RCA


Certain Dino-Lite models include a polarizer feature which can be switched on/off or can be adjusted to offer full or half polarization, providing the versatility required for use in the Dermatology – Skin or Scalp check, for diagnosis, cosmetic, follow up, hair loss treatment, etc. As well as biomedical, printing/graphic arts, surface analysis and a variety of other fields.

Scroll Lock

Lock-in the desired magnification, securing the location of the magnification dial to prevent the magnification power from being adjusted when consistency is required.

scroll lock

The MicroTouch feature is a touch sensitive trigger area on the body of the Dino-Lite microscope that can be used to perform one or in some cases several set functions depending on the microscope model. On USB models it is commonly used to trigger an image capture. On TV models which cannot capture images, it is commonly used to control the lighting.


This new module design provides a dual version scope capable of being wireless for safe and efficient use that can easily convert to USB.

​Interchangeable Front-Cap Design

The detachable and interchangeable front-cap design provides better adaptability to more applications.

Not all caps are suitable to be used with every Dino-Lite Edge model, the included caps may vary depending on the model selected.

N3C-C / Closed Cap
This cap protects the lens and LED lights from contamination of dust, debris, or moisture.
N3C-D / Diffuser Cap
This is the standard diffuser cap for normal usage.
N3C-D2 / Opal Diffuser Cap
This cap diffuses the LED light.
N3C-E / Extended Open Cap
Dino-Lite Edge (stand type) will focus at approximately 200x when the cap touches surface.
N3C-L / Long Cap
This cap is useful to adjust the working focus of Dino-Lite Edge at lower magnification.
N3C-O / Open Cap
This is the standard cap for normal usage.
N3C-S / Sidelight Cap
This cap creates images with more depth and texture.

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