Dino-Lite USB microscope cameras have many features developed to meet the needs of users in a wide-range of industries and applications.

*Features available only with compatible microscopes

Casting light through the lens, the built-in and software controllable AXI is designed to provide axial or brightfield illumination, making it ideal for observing reflective surface under high magnification.

Enabling the software to read the magnification from the device automatically, the AMR unburdens the measurement tasks and improves the accuracy of measurement.

With 4-quadrants switching capability and 6-levels luminance adjustability, the FLC provides greater controllability over the built-in LEDs.

Ideal for object with large variation in brightness, the EDR largely increases the dynamic range by stacking pictures taken at different exposure with one click.

The detachable and interchangeable front-cap design provides better adaptability to more applications.

N3C-C / Closed Cap
This cap protects the lens and LED lights from contamination of dust, debris, or moisture.
N3C-D / Diffuser Cap
This is the standard diffuser cap for normal usage.
N3C-D2 / Opal Diffuser Cap
This cap diffuses the LED light.
N3C-E / Extended Open Cap
Dino-Lite Edge (stand type) will focus at approximately 200x when the cap touches surface.
N3C-L / Long Cap
This cap is useful to adjust the working focus of Dino-Lite Edge at lower magnification.
N3C-O / Open Cap
This is the standard cap for normal usage.
N3C-S / Sidelight Cap
This cap creates images with more depth and texture.
Not all caps are suitable to be used with every Dino-Lite Edge model, the included caps may vary depending on the model selected.